Hostel World

For the organised traveller, you can search by date to check availability.




International travellers will love this site with information on hostels in countries all around the world. While you’re there, take a peak at the transportation and tours pages. Don’t forget the rail passes and discount air tickets!




An online marketplace for booking student accommodation with thousands of verified properties. If you are looking for a room, a residence, or an entire property and you want to stay longer than a month, Uniplaces is what you’re looking for.



International youth and student home exchange forum

Free international housing platform for exchange and internship students.



European Hostels

Where do you sleep when you get to Europe? Search for a hostel, some of which can even be booked online before you take off. Discover the cheapest way to get to your destination. Useful tips on travelling.



European Hostel Guide

A guide to hostels in Europe, with photos of the hostels themselves to give you an idea of where you will be staying before you get there. The summaries lead you to the actual hostel websites.




Worldwide accommodation opportunities for free, when you offer your home to other members of the network. You have to register and become a host member.



Hospitality Club

Interested in finding accommodation for free wherever you travel? You first have to become a member and be prepared to welcome guests from other countries in your home. Specific country requests available in other languages.



Hostel bookers

Search for hostels worldwide for availability and prices.



Guide to Sleeping in Airports

If you do not have enough money for a hotel room, if your flight is very early in the morning and you can’t reach the airport at that time, or if you just want to add some adventure to your journey, why not to spend a night at the airport. This website has reviews, a rank of the best and worst airports and a guide of how to sleep in airports.








Start your European journey with one click. GoEuro makes it easy to compare and combine air, rail, bus and car for better pricing and easier booking.



Inter Rail: the pass to travel in Europe by train

If you are planning on travelling to several different countries, save some money by purchasing a train pass. Identify the combinations that suit your route around Europe best.



European Railway Server

A vital site for all you train lovers; a gateway to European national railways websites.




If you want to travel around Europe by bus, then check out this site!
Discover different destinations and timetables. Why not book your trip



Search, compare and book cheap flights.



World of cheap flights

Select your country of origin and find out which airlines can offer you a cheap flight. You have to be a resident of one of the countries mentioned to pick up your tickets.


Low-cost airlines

This site presents a list of low-cost airlines in Europe and beyond. Travel facts, including some city guides and links to other low-cost airline search engines.



Routes International

Useful information about travelling by ferry by train, car, bus, ferry worldwide.



European travel portal

Whether travelling by sea, air, rail or road, this portal connects you with useful websites around Europe and the world.







European Health Insurance Card

A free card that gives you access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in any of the 28 EU countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, under the same conditions and at the same cost (free in some countries) as people insured in that country.







European Youth Portal

Have a look at these articles about travelling in Europe



Travelling in Europe

Detailed information on documents you will need while travelling in each European country. A lot of details about communications, staying healthy, cultural activities and emergency numbers.



Travelling in Europe 2015-16

Europe: a continent with thousands of years of history, a rich cultural heritage and some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. For those planning to travel in Europe, this booklet gives useful and practical information and tips, available in all EU languages.



Passenger rights smartphone app

The app provides information for all types of transportation: planes, trains, boats and buses, when and how the passenger rights apply. The application is part of the Commission’s “Your Passenger Rights at Hand” campaign.



Visit Europe

A gateway to quality sites about Europe presenting an overview on each country. If you still can’t decide which country to go to first, check out the events calendar, which may help you make up your mind!



Backpacker’s travel guide

Whether it is Europe, Australia, Asia, Latin America or the USA that you want to discover, this site presents you with travel options. Download its European Hostel and Travel pdf guide. Or keep yourself up to date on backpackers’ news by subscribing to the monthly newsletter.



BUG backpackers’ guide

For all you backpackers, this is the ultimate guide to Europe. Check out transport, destinations and hostels in Europe.



Let’s Go

Student travel content series, written entirely for students by students.



Lonely Planet

An international, online travel guide. How to get there, how to get around and what to visit when you arrive. Search facilities by country and very useful maps.



Rough Guide

An overview of countries worldwide. Why not join its community; share your travel experiences and earn some air miles at the same time.



Where to go

A country guide where you can find a brief overview of travel information, airports, cruises, attractions, social life, maps, sports and activities, health, etc. Information on Europe and the rest of the world.



The Nations Online Project

A portal to the countries of the world designed to improve cross-cultural understanding and international awareness through global information. Through this gateway, you can discover completely unknown places and visit legendary sites. You only need to click on the world map to begin your journey!



Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory

Your guide to official tourist information sources: government, tourism offices, convention and visitors bureaus, chamber of commerce and similar organisations that provide free, accurate and unbiased travel information to the public of European, American, African and Asia-Pacific countries.



Let’s explore Europe!

Full of facts and colourful illustrations, this website guides you through an exploration of Europe, its great scientists, inventors, artists and composers, as well as popular entertainers and successful sportspeople. Each chapter links to an online quiz. It is aimed at children (roughly 9-12 years) and tells the story simply and clearly.








The blog directory for all exchange students.



Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Association – ESAA

A new umbrella association bringing together all European Union funded exchange students and alumni and offering a dynamic platform for networking, professional development and intercultural learning while promoting European Higher Education and worldwide cooperation.




The community for Erasmus and Exchange Students. Here you can find info about all the Erasmus cities and universities, find your accommodation and connect with your future Erasmus friends.




Internet platform where everyone can upload their videos with impressions from different European cities aiming to show the cultural diversity of Europe and to trigger a discussion among its users about Europe, on a variety of topics such as food, street art, music, language. Users receive authentic local voices from different European cities and experience the way people think about and deal with their European day-to-day life.



Share Europe

New community for people moving around Europe for studying, working, volunteering. The site is only available in Italian.